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Anonymous said: I'm a long time Christian but sometimes I have my doubts. It's especially hard in today's world and on tumblr, where everyone is a "free thinker" and think that they're the highest power in existence and always talking crap about religion because they think that their lgbt or abortion agenda is more important. How do I deal with the negativity and the idea that "man created god"? I want to return to my loving father but the secular works hard to stop religion and to suck you away :(


The world will try whatever it can to make us believe that their way is the only way and it is okay to do so. “There’s nothing wrong with it if there’s love”.but that is not what the bible says, there’s things in which God sees as detestable. On your doubts , well I always think if how perfect each creation looks and to me science just doesn’t explain it. Don’t let the world trap you sweetie. Remember that with God we have a promise which is eternal life with him. This world has nothing to offer even if there’s many distractors that make it seem like it. That is what they want , but in the long run they’re not everlasting. What do you obtain by doing the same things the world does ? Nothing. Only problems, suffering, Hopelessness, unsatisfaction. Pray that God will reveal himself in youre life. But don’t give up because he hasn’t given up on you. -jen


The Selfie matters. 



I just need a friend,
I just want someone to understand .



hi i am struggling. i need my dreams to come true. i am very lonely and depressed and i need love around me. i feel alone everyday. i’m really unhappy please help me and understand what i have to do.

i love you!


Jimmy and Chris Christie boogie down in “The Evolution of Dad Dancing”!

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