Ghud Girl



I’m afraid to do everything and be judged constantly. My family has hit rock bottom and we can’t climb out this time. I’m so scared and a few nights ago I hurt myself, just to cope I guess. But it’s not helping. I’m not sure what can.

You’ll Win This Fight


Hush, little baby, don’t you cry. Don’t cut your arms, don’t say goodbyee. Put down that razor, put down that light. It may seem hard but you’ll win this fight. 

This is so sweet!


On my way to… New Zealand!

Im not alone.


I’m battling a mental illness and I’ve learned that I’m not alone , although sometimes it may feel that way but I know thats not the reality of it.


nbcthevoice's Blake Shelton gives Jimmy some tips on what to carry in his truck!

Swaggadelic too cute.

Swaggadelic too cute.

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